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31 2013

Posted by Katie in YCLA News

When I am looking for a new service or even just a place to eat, I always appreciate testimonials. It is a simple way to determine what sort of business the company runs. This is especially important if it involves your children. As a parent, you want to find out everything you can about the company before allowing you child to be a part of it.

And that is why we offer testimonials that are easily accessible right on our website (http://www.youcanlearningacademy.com/testimonials)

Looking for a tutoring company for your child can be very overwhelming. There are so many out there and each one has a different set of beliefs and strategies. And usually what the family wants to know are things such as, what are the tutors like that work for this company and do their instructional strategies work. By skimming through our testimonials, you will see that we have great success in a wide variety of tutoring scenarios and our tutors are not only knowledgeable; but warm and caring, as well.

We often times get praising emails from parents, but fail to include it on our website. Since we understand how important testimonials are to those in search of a tutoring company, we are going to begin to put forth more effort to stay up to date with our testimonial portion of your website.

Here is our most recent testimonial:

When we decided to switch our son from public elementary school to private school, assessment tests showed he would be entering the grade level behind his new private school peers. YouCan Learning Academy immediately connected with the private school so the same teaching style and curriculum could be used in tutoring. The tutor challenged our son while helping him feel confident in his ability. After several tutoring sessions, our son was reassessed and the new school was impressed with the progress. YouCan made us feel like we had a knowledgeable partner working with us to help our son experience his full potential and success.

Parent- Plymouth, MN

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