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25 2014

Posted by Katie in General

Is coding vital in the school system? Some say yes, without a doubt. Some even go so far to say you should start teaching your child to code as early as two. Two? I don’t know about that, but I do see the benefits of teaching students how to code and the basics behind computer science. Coding is a great way to learn how to problem solve and to think “outside of the box.”

On top of that, computers are a vital part of our society and it’s important the students have a general idea of how they work. According to the article, only 10% of K-12 schools in the US offer a Computer Science course. This is concerning when you think that in the next decade there will be about 1 million more U.S. jobs in the tech sector than computer science graduates to fill them. Although, do you need to put your 2 year old in front of a computer and have him/her code, I don’t think so. Although, you could use the games provided in the article as a nice way to teach problem solving and sorting, but I don’t believe that the goal needs to be that your child can code by the age of five. With that said, I do believe we need to put a stronger focus on computer science within the schools. It’s a large part of our future and we need to help prepare today’s student for what lays ahead for them.


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